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The easy error of coating process in plane layout

1, paint the surface before the contamination (such as wax, silicon, oil, water, rust, welding and outflow of air pollution Deng).

2, the use of substrate or paint paint is not suitable enough.

3, dry spray primer (powder content is too high, resin film inadequate)

4, the use of cheap diluent insufficient dissolution.

5, coating too thin.


1. Thoroughly remove all the dirt left on the surface of the coating.

2, choose appropriate primer duck.

3. Good primer spray, avoid dry spray (rough film)

Good enough, the use of qualified thinner 4.

The coating process layout design enough is good or bad, is crucial to the painting line along with. If the design is not proper, even if the production of each single equipment is better, the whole production line is not good. BR> the plane layout of Tutu duck common typical errors are listed below, for reference.

1, the yield is not up to the design program: there is enough design without considering the hanging method, without considering the suspension spacing, without considering the interference on the downhill, horizontal curve, production time without considering the reject rate, the utilization rate of the equipment, product peak production capacity. Lead to the production can not reach the design guidelines.

2, the process time is not enough: have enough design in order to reduce the cost by reducing the time to reach enough technology. Common enough, such as: before treatment the transition time is not enough, causing the liquid leakage; curing without considering the temperature rise time caused by bad curing; paint leveling time is not enough, causing Qimo leveling is not enough; after curing cooling is not enough, paint (or pieces) when the workpiece overheating.

3, transportation equipment improper design: there are many, enough transportation improper design of the workpiece, the production capacity, process operation, upper and lower parts will have adverse consequences. Along with the common overhead chain conveyor, the load capacity, traction calculation and drawing abilities are required for interference. The chain speed of equipment supporting the duck duck duck also must have the corresponding requirements. Coating equipment of chain along smoothly, synchronization is also required.

4, improper equipment selection: because the product along the different requirements of equipment selection are different, and all kinds of equipment has its advantages, there are also disadvantages. And the design can not explain to the user, after manufacturing found very dissatisfied. For example, dusting oven with air curtain insulation, cleanliness requirements 0f workpiece cleaning equipment is not installed voice. This kind of wrong: the most common error duck painting line.

5, equipment 0f improper process parameters: the coating line due to the process parameter selection error along the more common, choose a lower limit: the single equipment design parameters of two duck, duck auxiliary equipment system: not enough attention, three: no design completely pats the head. BR>6, equipment shortage: coating line associated equipment more, sometimes in order to reduce the quotation, it saves some equipment. Has not been able to explain to users, resulting in passing. There are enough common pretreatment equipment, spraying equipment, heating equipment, exhaust gas pipeline equipment, environmental protection equipment deng.

7, does not consider the problem of energy saving equipment: at present, the energy price changes quickly, and the design, to consider these issues, so that users of higher production costs, some users have to use in a relatively short period of time transformation and re purchase of equipment.