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From manual spraying to automatic spraying -- electrostatic spray gun

The emergence of automatic spraying machine automatic electrostatic spray gun makes the production process automation, greatly reducing the artificial investment time. Today, most of the industrial workers are born after 80 or even 90, and some of these people do not have the spirit of hard work after 60 and 70. Most grew accustomed to enjoy life, it is difficult to convince yourself to do a bitter and tired of the injection, and the paint itself contains xylene and other harmful substances, and do harm to human health, some industry and occupation disease injection infection serious pneumoconiosis etc.. So, there are very few people would choose this job now, but because of various reasons, even if the choice of injection work, high wage demands, generally 6000 to 7000 enterprises to a monthly salary of only to those who can hire professional and willing to work on the fuel injection, the enterprise that is a very large overhead. But with an automatic spraying equipment, recovery of investment is particularly fast, according to the fuel injection industry 70 thousand yuan a year salary calculation, basically one to two years to buy back the cost of the equipment, after all belong to the net, and automatic spraying equipment and belongs to the fixed assets depreciation, according to a certain age, not artificial may have these advantages.

The automatic spraying equipment electrostatic spray gun solves many problems of manual spraying such as high labor intensity, low efficiency, large number of people, unstable coating quality, poor uniformity, waste of paint and so on. Automatic spraying equipment can automatically spray large quantities according to the set parameters, reduce the number of workers, high spraying efficiency, stable spraying quality and good uniformity. When artificial spraying, more or less there will be emotional problems, when the artificial mood in the excited state, it will produce good products. However, when the artificial mood is in low state, the coating will appear uneven thickness and other quality problems, greatly reducing the qualified rate. Even though labor can stabilize their emotions at work, they still need to rest. They can't be in working hours for 8-24 hours, and their daily working hours are limited. The automatic spraying equipment can work in 24 hours without stopping, greatly improving the work efficiency.