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About us

Shanghai Shengchang Industry Equipment Company is a diversified company specializing in a variety of products and technology. Our wide range of products include the surface treatment system, pneumatic vacuum device, air treatment system, safety-protection equipments, coating inspection instruments and the non-standard spray room design. 

Our long-term Research and Development has resulted in various new technology and products which have been constantly applied to many new business and projects. Our goal is to devote ourselves in continuous products innovation and technology application to meet the needs of our customer as well as our modern society and thus being acknowledged by our friends, colleagues and many others. We emphasize on any advanced concept and framework that could further develop and expand our business in the times of ever-improving technology. 

Our most popular products with a considerable market share include dust-free blast machine, portable blast gun, portable blow-suction gun, vacuum recovery machine, super pneumatic recovery vacuum machine, vacuum dust collector and sling psychrometer, which have met the high tech era environmental protection requirements and standard in the area of recyclability, sustainability, pollution-free, safety and efficiency. 

As a coating equipment manufacturer, we will continue to concentrate in establishing a solid platform facilitating progressive R&D and composite technologies expansion. Currently our products have been widely used in offshore, shipyards, steel structure, chemical and military industry, energy resources, environmental protection, corrosion prevention and other sales industries. 

Ever since the establishment of 1998, we are proud to become one of the coating industry leaders in the field of technology, products and service due to our advanced R&D, scientific management, and perfect after-sale service as a result of our integrity, professionalism and enthusiasm. 

Given a significant proportion of a market share and the professional quality certification of ISO9001 as well as our excellent reputation in the industry, we will continue to work hard to provide our customers with ultimate quality service and meet their needs in the most efficient fashion as we have always been doing.